Mount Pleasant

MountPleasantEast-602-wide.jpgCharacterized by cool, this off-Main-Street community is home to the young and young at heart. The Real Estate is as varied as the residents catering to almost anyone with a blend of rentals, condos, townhouses, and detached homes.

Laying just on the outskirts of downtown has it's benefits including efficient transit, fantastic nightlife, trendy antiquated retail, and a vast selection of delectable gastro hubs. Really gaining in popularity over the last few years, it's schools and parks boast paramount safety and 21st century education models. Pockets like historic Strathcona contribute hot parkside real estate just East of the downtown viaduct. Known for being ultra trendy and socially conscious, Mount pleasant remains hot for investments and residents alike.

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1. Mount Pleasant Community Center

Community Centres

1. Mount Pleasant Community Center


To see all school catchment areas and a comprehensive list of all the schools in your neighbourhood you can download the pdf here.


Top 10 Rated Restaurants in Mount Pleasant


1. Les Faux Bourgeois
2. Toshi Sushi
3. Sushiyama
4. Burgoo
5. Congee Noodle House
6. The Foundation
7. Pad Thai Cuisine
8. Ba Le Deli & Bakery
9. Cascade Room
10. Nuba