Collingwood-602-wide.jpgWith a little more edge than other Vancouver neighborhoods, you can get great bang for your buck in this bustling Easterly community. Offering a large selection of properties, buyer's will find this area to be more affordable than others yet still super conveniently located near transit and recreation. Speckling the landscape, you'll find fresh vegetable markets and delicious, authentic Asian cuisine to warm your spirits on those rainy westcoast afternoons. Collingwood neighborhood House serves as a hub for locals, offering extensive family care programs including daycare, learning assistance, senior's outreach and family fitness. Bordering Burnaby, this area blends affordability with livability.

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Community Centres

1. Community Centres


To see all school catchment areas and a comprehensive list of all the schools in your neighbourhood you can download the pdf here.


Top 10 Rated Restaurants in Collinwood


1. Bon's Off Broadway
2. Chili Pepper House
3. Sushiholic Japanese
4. Happy Valley Seafood
5. Sushi Kimura
6. Ragazzi Pizza Co
7. Burnaby Palace Restaurant
8. Jambo Grill & Good Morning Paan Vancouver
9. Penang Delight Cafe
10. Vallarta's Mexican Restaurant