fairview-602-wide.jpgIn no other neighborhood will you find such incredible infrastructure bound by such natural esthetic beauty; Vancouver's General Hospital meets False Creek's Seawall. Booming with modernity, the slopes of Fairview offer a blend of residential and commercial units, with some incredible views and easy access to the downtown peninsula. Broadway disects the upper slopes, with rapid transit, convenient mega-stores and the largest health sciences community in Vancouver. With the best bike routes in the city, the seawall just down the hill, and ultra convenient shopping at every corner, this hillside community is the perfect place for the young professional to work and play.

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Community Centres

1. Community Centres


To see all school catchment areas and a comprehensive list of all the schools in your neighbourhood you can download the pdf here.


Top 10 Rated Restaurants in Fairview

(From Yelp.ca)

1. Vij's
2. Suika
3. Go Fish Ocean Emporium
4. Cafe Salde de Fruits
5. Peaceful Restaurant
6. Banana Leaf
7. Rangoli
8. Mephis Blues Barbeque House
9. Shiro
10. West Restaurant + Bar